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I've had more than one instance where I  was asked by past buyer to not only list their home for sale in my area, but to help them find another home in another area outside of my usual territory.  My first instinct was to refer these families to someone in that area, but my sellers had other plans.  They insisted that I help them personally, which posed a logistic problem, as well as an information access problem since I didn't have access to the MLS data in these new areas.   Thank goodness for the internet and the wealth of information to be found.  We searched for homes and narrowed it down to a couple for them to drive by.  When they settled on one, I called the listing agent and explained the situation.  Each time, the listing agent was more than happy to show them their listing, and save me a long round trip for one showing.  When the buyers decided they wanted to make an offer, I took over from there.  To make a long story shorter, I was able to handle everything via fax or UPS overnight.  I did drive to the properties for the inspections and made another trip for the closings.  There are plenty of agents who are willing to show their own listings if you ask.  You should be willing to do the same for someone else in the same situation.  I'm always willing to show my own listings for another agent so just call and ask. 
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Tim Maitski
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Janie, The key is letting the listing agent know up front that you have a long relationship with the buyers.  If the buyers call themselves to set up a showing and then bring you along, it looks like you are parachuting into the deal.  I show my listings to anyone who calls.  But some agents are requiring the buyers agent to show it initially in order to get a full commission.

Mar 25, 2007 01:22 AM

Tim,  I agree.   I let them know up front and then I go to the first showing, if at all possible.  If not possible, I tell the listing agent up front.  I haven't had a problem and if an agent isn't receptive then I'll deal with that when it happens.  My point was......it never hurts to ask.    Especially if you are honest and explain the situation.  No......I NEVER "parachute" into a deal.   I've had that happen to me and I didn't respect the agent after that.   I firmly believe in letting an agent who is familiar with the territory, handle the deal unless the buyer/seller insists otherwise.   Thanks for your comment!

Mar 25, 2007 08:19 AM