Growing Bananas in Hawaii on the Big Island

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Growing Bananas in Hawaii

One of the most exciting things for this Born in New York, raised in Jersey boy is growing my own fruit and vegetables. What makes it more exciting is that I get to do so year round. Everything has it's season and everything I have learned over the past 6 years of living and growing here in this beautiful place I have learned by doing. A small banana grove can yield many bananas. Each tree seems to only grow one bunch of bananas at a time, but not like a bunch of bananas you would buy from the store. These bunches of bananas have 40 plus bananas on them. Some of the bunches growing clearly have more than that... probably 100 plus bananas. We picked a bunch last week and they slowly ripen. The bananas will not ripen until they are picked from the tree.

My wife has been living on banana smoothies, made a banana cream pie, banana bread with chocolate chips and there is still a whole bowl full of bananas left, still ripening.

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Were can I buy Hawaiian grown bananas in Wa State ? Thanks Gary

Dec 22, 2010 05:39 PM