Health insurance plan for Realtors - do you have coverage?

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  I have been considering the group health insurance offered through my broker's office. As a part of Century 21, there is a group plan and I was wondering if anyone has it and what they think of it. Anyone here in New Jersey?  

I was also curious to know how many real estate agents pay for their own insurance, or are covered under a spouse or family plan, not through their job as a Realtor.

I did a search on Active Rain to see if there were prior discussions about health insurance for Realtors and found a few discussions. It seems we are a huge group overall throughout the country and NAR is trying to address this issue.

Thanks for any comments.

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Follow-up discussion noted here:

 Help me understand, "Why can't the NAR require State and local boards to offer a Group Health Plan?"

(Not sure if I linked this.)

 I appreciate this discussion, it's fundamental! 

I wonder how many real estate agents pay for their own insurance from their work as a realtor or are covered under a spouse or family plan. I thought maybe the NAR statistics may only ask if you have insurance, not if you have it from being a REALTOR. 

As several people noted sometimes both partners were self-employed, making health insurance family issues even greater, and they may even BOTH be REALTORS!

Aug 15, 2008 06:32 PM