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I am going to be completely blunt...I had a bit of frustration today and I think I need to vent. 

I want to begin with saying that I do love my job and enjoy the people I interact with.  I have to say that I have absolutely killer clients.  I love my inspectors, closing agents...everyone.  Most everyone...

I am aware that all realtors are not created equal.  I have had great joy working with terrific agents who know their stuff and work as hard as I do.  But...  I have to say that the one I am trying to work with right now is turning out to be a bear.  The first conversation I had with this "agent", I was told that he took this listing as a favor and would not be paid a commission. "Great" I thought, I will be handling both sides of this transaction. No biggie though, I'll make sure the job gets done right.  We negotiate and come to a meeting of the minds with price and terms...or so I think.  Long story short, this agent offered something in MLS that he was not willing to put in our contract in writing...huh??? 

After lengthy...ahem...discussions... I am given the seller's phone number to pursue it with him.  Five minutes later, problem resolved, smooth sailing once again.

I realized that sometimes our biggest obstacles are the agents we must work with.  This guy was so worried about something so inconsequential, and caused a big to do over a non-issue. He chooses to not be creative or think outside the box , and talks to hear his own voice. Next time you think the "seller" or "buyer" are being rigid and un-yielding--it may be the real estate agent that is the problem.

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Rick Turner
Key Realty - Toledo, OH
Puts People In Their Places!!

Hey Corrine,

It's funny how your comment on Colleen's blog (about Glen Beck) on Sunday evening caused me to click through onto your blog this afternoon!  This new age of social networking... if you recall I agreed with most of what Glenn Beck said with the exception of the backhand at the very end of his story. 

This agent you are blogging about here is why I agree with Beck... he is the guy I visualized that Beck was speaking about.  I mean a part time agent that just gets in the way of you and I, agents that are trying to earn a living. 

All I wanted to say is that all Realtors aren't cut from the same cloth and I don't take offense to what the media says because we are not going to please everyone.  Just go to Zillow or other FSBO blog sites and listen the vile things that people say about us! 

In my humble opinion, people work with people that they know and feel comfortable with.  This market we are dealing with is tougher than ever before, so we have to do a lot more prospecting with our sphere's of influence - you know, the people that know us and that feel comfortable with our expertise...  

Hey, I hope your deal goes together and best of luck in your blogging!



Aug 11, 2008 04:55 AM