McKinney Historical District

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McKinney will be celebrating its 160th birthday this year and most of the city consists of new growth.  Being one of the fastest growing counties in the country for the past few years Collin county is full of new homes.  With all this growth many people are still looking for that old town style and feel.   McKinney has a revitalized downtown with large historical home district that attracts visitors from all over. 

I served in a church during my college years and fell in love with McKinney's historic district.  There is so much history and charm in the older homes.  McKinney has over 1700 historic homes in and around the historic district.   They built on much bigger lots in the historic district and many homes have ¼ acre or more with full grown trees compared to the small planned subdivisions on the west side of McKinney.  Homes are also more varied than the cookie cutter west side.  In the historic district you can have a 5000 sq ft Victorian next to a 1400 sq ft Arts and Craft style home and even the 1950 ranch style homes are all different.  Values also vary greatly and many people are buying and revitalizing homes in this area.  Around the historic district you can still purchase a small updated 1950 home for under 100K.  Character and charm are sometimes included for that price. J

Many years ago (almost 13) I took my future wife on a day long date to show her around historic McKinney.  She and I fell in love with this area (and each other) and 2 years later we bought a fixer upper outside the historic district.  We enjoy the area and have watched many homes on our street get extensive updates by new proud owners.

 Each year the Heritage Guild Holiday Tour of Homes happens in the first week of December.  We have not missed a year in the past 10 years.  Many beautiful historic homes open their doors for 2 days of visitors.  Unlike many home tours we attend this one focuses on the history of the home and furnishings.  I would recommend this tour to anyone interested in old homes. 

I would love to have to opportunity to show you the historic homes in McKinney.  If history is your passion and cookie cutter homes are not for you there are many wonderful choices in our area.  Let me show you all that McKinney has to offer.

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