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 RECESSION PROOF "7 Steps Career Workbook:" To Build Your Professional Portfolio so you  Can get the job of your dreams.


 August 10, 2008, great new book offer, for the first time available in bookstores, libraries,  www.Amazon.com or www.drmargotweinstein.com or www.authortree.com

 Paperback, 172 pages; Price in US $34.95.  or email:drmargot@drmargotweinstein.com.

        Has bad news on TV or in the newspapers made you fearful of finding a job, especially one that you will love? Economist at both Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley recently stated that the U.S. is heading for the worst recession in 16 years. And according to a recent CNN poll, 57 percent of the public believe the U.S. is already in a recession, and most people are worried about how the economy will affect jobs.  

            Even with the fall-out due to the mortgage meltdown, there are still many job opportunities in all fields including real estate, if you have the know-how to find and take advantage of the right job opportunities for your talents. If you are thinking of changing jobs or switching form commercial to residential real estate, this workbook will give you tools to take advantage of the opportunities. In my recent interview with Dr. Peter Linneman, top global economist and Wharton professor, Peter says, "although there is weakness in construction, manufacturing, housing and financial services, strength remains in healthcare and education sectors, and even if we face a recession in the US in 2009, this will not be like the great depression. There will continue to be a great many opportunities in the US and abroad." 

            This workbook is endorsed by Anita Brick, Director, Career Advancement Programs, University of Chicago, Celeste M. Hammond, Professor and Director, Center for Real Estate Law, The John Marshall Law School, Ely Tse, VP, BlackRock and Advisory Board Member, Real Estate at Cornell University, and Marcia Slomowitz, MD, Private Practice & Clinical Assistant Professor, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Chicago. Dr. Slomowitz says, "If you are thinking about a career change or moving up in the organization, this books is for you.  Dr. Weinstein workbook will help learn your leadership capabilities and identify your specific talents, all with the goal of achieving the career that is perfect for you."

            This Career Workbook contains everything you need to land your ideal career position in a changing economy.  You will learn among other factors:

•·           An easy-to-follow proven "7 Step Career Process." to move forward in any economy.

•·           You will develop "Your Professional Portfolio"--- portfolio is collection of all your important career documents and identifies your unique talents, abilities and career values,

•·           Gain a strategy to deal with your fears used by top author, Dr. Susan Jeffers.

•·           Learn how to leverage your talents to apply for the right positions including the latest online tools, job sites, professional organizations, and search companies.

•·           Learn how to have an effective interview using the interview questions, and sample letters.

•·           Write your detailed plan you can use immediately to move towards your goals.

             To get you started,  I have posted several free important worksheets from this "7 Steps Career Workbook" on my website, Dr. Margot's web site: www.drmargotweinstein.com .  There are always career opportunities if you are prepared.  As in the famous words of Colin Powell:

"There are no secrets to success. 

It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure."


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great workbook

This worbook provides a process to develop a professional portfolio; it has helped many professionals find the job of their dreams.

Aug 11, 2008 04:12 PM