My Sunday Ride

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Esparto Time Trial:  I borrowed an oh-eight Orbea Ora TT bike; picked it up Thursday, Chris helped me fit it and we had a short ride.  Friday I took it out on last year's Dunlap TT route, about 34 miles.  I felt good, although new muscles hurt due to the aggressive position.

So conditions were similar to last year's TT, and I felt strong and ready.  Around the first corner and bam!  Hello, headwind.  Ugh.  I pushed but admit to feeling defeated by the wind and some of the rollers.  Couldn't maintain my speed like I did in practice, either. 

After the turnaround I felt renewed and picked up the pace.  I was so focussed that my peripheral vision kind of faded away -- I knew there was stuff to look at, but couldn't be distracted.  At the 1 KM sign I kicked it up and hammered.  At the 100 meter sign I really hit it hard and continued past the finish.  Kept going back toward town, standing and stretching to cool down.

I finished 4th (2 places above last year), and shaved 30 seconds off last year's time.  I finished 2+ min. behind the 1st place racer.  Argh.

Proof that I rode my you-know-what off:  I was toast for the rest of the day.  And there was walking involved.  And sitting.  And walking up the stairs from BART to the street level was painful.  I should have been doing this 20 years ago.

While eating a bleu cheese burger and sweet potato fries at Taylor's Refresher on Sat. night my nephew and I were joking about my training regimen.  Today after the results were posted we joked that maybe half that burger would have been sufficient.

When I can afford a professional coach I'll expect the results that the 1st-place finisher got today.  Meanwhile, I'll celebrate my victories.

Now for the road race...stay tuned...

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