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    For those who did not get a chance to read the article on the front page of the business section of the August 6, 2008 Dallas Mornig News here  is a summery of the highlights:


AT A GLANCE Ideas to cut usage

  1. Clean or replace air conditioner filters monthly.
  2. Use drapes, blinds and shutters to slow energy loss.
  3. Don't block vents with drapes or other obstacles.
  4. Seal windows with caulk and use weatherstripping on doors to keep cool air in.
  5. Replace incandescent lights with florescent bulbs, which are often subsidized.  They use substantially less power than traditional bulbs.
  6. Unplug cellphone charging cables when not in use.  They draw power even when they're not charging.
  7. Set thermostats to 78 degrees. 
  8. Use ceiling fans to push cool air down.
  9. Turn off computers and electronics when not using them - try their "sleep" mode to save energy.
  10. Fill dishwashers, cloths washers and dryers to capacity.
  11. Use your microwave to cook food.
  12. Make sure your refrigerator has at least 1 inch of space around it for proper ventilation; it will use 10 percent more energy if it has poor ventilation.

SOURCES: Oncor; TXU Energy

I hope everyone finds these tips to be helpful.  Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas if you have any other energy saving tips that aren't listed above.

Until next time.

Sustainably yours,

Scott Medlin