Texas Existing Home Sales

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Texas A&M Real Estate Center, Released the #'s on Exisitng Homes Sales in the State of Texas. How did Amariilo fair you ask, Amarillo did from what I think pretty well. Sure we had a decrease in sales 14.9% but it is below what the state experienced of 15.9% compared to June of 2007. Although we did have a increase in the median price of Homes by 4.2% ($122,600). Which is a healthy increase, the state only experienced a increase of .6%. I credit the increase to the lack of foreclosures and the Strong economy in the Amarillo and Canyon Areas. All in all Amarillo is doing great in the Real Estate world, a good selection of inventory and a Great bunch of Local Lenders.

One thing that really bothers me, is that when watching the News ecspecially in the Areas that are not suffering drastic drop offs in the their markets, still reporting on the horable Housing Markets in other areas of the United States. This affects everyone in Real Estate, ecspecially Buyers and Sellers. What I would like to say is to consult a Agent in the Area that you are interested in and Consult a Realtor to find out what the Market Trends are like in the Area. Most of them are not as bad as the National Media is making the out to be. Post any questions that you may and Happy Home Buying and Selling. GOD BLESS

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