Working With Your Lender Affiliate and Your Geographic Farm

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Most top producing real estate professionals either work with the Broker's in-house lender OR have connected with a mortgage professional that can help facilitate their closing with the consumer.

You partner up on transactions to close deals --- have you ever thought of partnering up on a farming piece to share the expense?  For example, you can contact your Title Company and find out what homeowners have an adjustable rate loan and ones that are fixed.  Maybe it is time to put out a piece that reminds the adjustable rate homeowners that rates may start to begin increasing or about the resetting of the rate.

Farm them together to get yourself brand awareness in your market area for the sales history and the lender can take advantage of doing something different and stand out from the competition that always seems to be putting out letters.

Make it a profitable day!

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Make it a profitable day!

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Jacinta da Silva
Atlanta Communities - Marietta, GA

Actually I had not thought of that.  I think I am goign to take to my loan office about that. Thanks for the idea

Aug 11, 2008 09:26 AM