Protect Your Dog from Rattle Snake Bites on Colorado Land with Snake Avoidance Clinics

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All dogs in Colorado run a risk of being bitten by rattle snakes in a variety of Colorado ranches and land. One should keep in mind that snakes thrive in temperatures from 50 to 85 degrees. So when you're out with your dog remember to keep the temperatures in mind. There are things that you can do to eliminate the risks of your dog being bitten by snakes. One way is to enroll your dog in a snake avoidance Clinic. A snake handler by the name of Julian Weslow from Texas travels around parts of the country conducting these clinics. He uses live Diamondback Rattlesnakes That have been defanged and drained of their venom a couple of hours before the clinics. Julian has had 4,500 dogs attend his clinic and has never had a dog been injected with venom. However, hundreds of dogs in these clinics have been struck and some have had blood drawn.


During the clinic two snakes are laid on the course and a shock collar is placed on the dog. One snake has the rattle taped to resemble a dormant snake and the second snake is a more aggressive snake with the rattle sounding. The idea is to have the dog on a long rope and hope that he sees, hears or smells the snake and avoids it. If the dog goes towards the snake or shows any interest in the snake he will be shocked to teach the dog that a snake can bring discomfort. If the dog keeps going towards or for the snake he will likely be bit by the snake as well as shocked. This happens as many times as it takes to get the dog to remember the negative response of going towards or for the snake and to ignore and walk away from the snakes. The final step is to have the snake placed between the dog and its owner. The owner will call for the dog to come to him or her and if the dog has learned its lesson he will make a wide berth around the snake and then walk over to the owner.


The snake clinic that Julian holds in Colorado is usually in the beginning of the summer and was held at Quail Run Sports in Kiowa Colorado over the past couple of years. Give your dog a chance against rattlesnakes when walking your favorite Colorado hunting land. For information on when and how to sign up for the next Colorado Clinic call Fred Prior at 303-450-2547 or email him at, put "Snake Avoidance" in the subject line of the email.

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