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Why auction Real Estate?  Yes, some people still ask this question.  The answer is simple:

An Auction Sale is the most effective way of establishing the value of a property while simultaneously producing a ready, willing, and able buyer for it. 

A seller can quickly sell a property at 100% of its value, and a buyer can easily purchase a property for what they are willing to pay.  The Auction Method of Marketing is the fairest, most transparent, most efficient economical system in the world. 

Auctions.......bring Action!  All prospective buyers know that if they have an interest in a property going up for auction, they MUST attend the auction and bid their price or they will miss the opportunity to buy!

‘Traditional' real estate brokerage's method of ‘listing' homes is nothing more than a hopeful , educated guess at what a probable selling price for a home would be.  A home can be sold quickly by pricing it lower than the probable price it would bring at an open competitive auction, or it can squander on the market for months or years because of an overinflated ‘asking' price.

Both buyers and sellers appreciate the pre-disclosed terms of real estate auctions.  A buyer knows exactly when, where, and how a property will sell.  The only thing a buyer needs to do is determine how much they are willing to pay for a property.

Sellers prefer auctions because they only bring qualified buyers.  The property will sell as-is, with no financing contingencies.  Buyers come to auctions prepared to buy a property......and follow through with the purchase.  All VersaLand auction sales are scheduled to close within 30 days of auction date.

2,000 years of auction tradition along with 21st Century technology.


Versatile.  Real Estate.  Auctioneers.

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