Orange County Active Home Listings update

Real Estate Agent with The OC Coastal Group

The active listing inventory has shed 398 homes in the past two weeks, bringing it to the lowest level of the year, 14,358. The inventory continues to buck the trend of growing through the Spring and Summer markets. Instead, it has remained just below the 15,000 mark for most of 2008 until its recent drop, bringing it closer to the 14,000 threshold. Two things occurred since the beginning of the year: demand increased unabated and discretionary, non-distressed homeowners remained off the market and nobody tested the waters like prior years. Unlike 2006 and 2007, absent this year was any foolish anticipation of a phenomenal Spring market. 14,358 homes on the market is still high, but it is a lot less pressure on pricing and demand compared to 20,000 homes. Last year at this time the inventory had blossomed to 17,611, 19% higher compared to today, or 3,263 additional homes. Two years ago, the inventory had grown to 15,875, 10% higher, or 1,527 additional homes. The expected market time for Orange County dropped from 5.38 months two weeks ago to 4.88 months today. The expected market time in 2007 was 9.76 months, almost double, and in 2006 it was at 6.81 months.

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