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I don't want to "SELL" you anything!

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Killian Properties (Oklahoma & Texas)
I firmly believe if you have to sell someone on something, that's wrong.  I want people to buy a home they love.  A home that screams "buy me....buy me....buy me" and I refuse to try to talk someone into buying something they don't love.  I'm a very quiet person and I've often been asked how I've been able to sell so much real estate with my quiet and reserved personality.  My answer is this...........I don't sell anything.   I listen and learn what my buyers want and I work hard to find properties that will fit their needs and personalities.  I just show the properties, present the facts, and let them decide if a home is right for them of not.   It's worked for me for over 27 years so I don't plan on changing the way I am, or how I do business in the future.  I just want to send a big "thank you" to all my past, present, and future buyers/sellers.   I couldn't be me, without you.  
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