Wisconsin Veterans - Take advantage of the lending programs available!

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I just returned from a VA seminar where I was a presenter.  I was surprised when it turned out that I actually learned more then I thought I would.

A representative from the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs was there to discuss the State VA lending programs.  Being married to a veteran myself (and having our home currently financed with a Federal VA loan), I am very excited at the different programs they have available.

For instance, if you've been out of the military less then 25 years, you can get a 30 year FIXED mortgage at 5.75%! If you've been disabled through the military, all your closing fees and points can be waived! What many vets don't realize is you can purchase up to a 4 unit property with this program, as long as you intend to owner occupy one of the units. In addition, you can own other property, and use this program, as long as you will be owner occupying.

There is also a Personal Loan Program, where you can a loan up to $25,000 with an interest rate as low as 5.85%. The State of Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs, also offers home improvement loans as well.

One other exciting bit of information I learned was about the Wisconsin GI bill, where Veterans (or their spouses, if the veteran is 30% or more disabled through the line of duty), can go back to school for 4 years for free, even if they already have an undergraduate degree!

Phew! Exciting stuff in my opinion!

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