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wind power off Delaware's Coast

Real Estate Agent with Keller Williams Realty Central Delaware

There was a recent article in the news Journal quoting alot of People about the soon to be wind turbines off Delaware's coast.

How many barges and boats that are not pleasure craft do we see on an almost daily basis off the Delaware coast.

I have not heard any complaints about these.

Yet people worry about some dots which will be wind turbines in the distant.

Have we forgotten why windpower is coming to Delaware.  So we can be more self reliant from Foreign oil.

I think the future of Delaware is much brighter having a small portion of our electricty being produced by wind.

Being a Realtor and being able to tell potential homeowners who are interested in the price of heating their home that we will not have to rely so much on a barrel of oil to heat our homes in the future is a really nice point to make.