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Alaska Home Loans

Recently I was looking around and ran across Alaska... got me to thinking... how is the Alaska Home Loan market these days?

With the new Alaska FHA mortgage loan limits upwards of $300,000 plus, is this helping the Alaska FHA mortgage market?

You don't hear anything in the national news or media about Alaska mortgage or real estate. Just curious more than anything.. how are Alaska home loans doing in today's market?

If you are from Alaska, please comment. Let us know how the market is in your area! Let's bring a little light on such a great place!

Ed Nailor... no, I can't do Alaska Home Loans, but I certainly can do Charlotte Home Loans!

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Jo Olson
HOMEFRONT Realty - Kettle Falls, WA
Retired - HOMEFRONT Realty @ LAKE Roosevelt

Ed, I am sitting in my condo in Anchorage Alaska right now - up here for 3 weeks.  I have no clue about the market. Saw the post and thought how funny.  Just up for the fishing and of course to spend time with the hubby :)

Aug 12, 2008 05:16 AM