Rain Drops Keep Falling IN My Head

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Hello, My name is Anne Marie Baker. I live in HEAVEN: Lake County, California, Where Life IS Enjoyed at a Slower Pace! So what's the problem with that? Well, life goes on and the industry is taking off. I need a quick start guide to the internet if I'm to share HEAVEN with the World. So I posted a blog, or at least I think I did.  How do I get a blog posted into the Newbie without cut and paste?

Rain Drops Keep Falling on My Head (edit/delete)

How do you stay focused with all of this information? Yes, I'm a newbie. Is that how I'm to spell it? I have been visiting Active Rain for a few weeks now. Everytime, I mean everytime, I visit, I am more lost than I started. Well, maybe it's not actually lost. It's really quite flooded.

Can someone please point me in the direction of the pot-o-gold. I have found quite a few gold mines, Brad Andersohn is one of my favorites so far, but I think I could use a shorter supply for now. Snapshots of what to do next in a sequential way. Actually, nice addition to the site might be morning showers.

I've followed the rainbow of information as best I could and have finally decided to dive in. What will happen if I'm doing something wrong? Shall I expect a letter of explanation? Or does that happen through other people posting to my blog? Will anyone see this blog? It's very difficult to dive into a fishbowl where everyone could watch and laugh. Isn't that silly? For diving in, I certainly do feel like a fish out of water! 

Thank you for your experience in this very new to me, blogging reality called Active/Rain!

Okay, what do I do with the "tag" section below? I'll try "newbie"

Was it okay for me to reference "Active Brad"? Should I add that to the tag?

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