Wind Inspection Affects Florida Homeowner Insurance Premiums

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Wind Inspection affects Florida Homeowners Insurance Premium

Previously, we have posted several articles about getting a Florida Wind Inspection under the present, but soon expiring, state funded program. 
Look up previous posts using the keyword "insurance".

Today we received our Homeowners Renewal from ASI Assurance and it was interesting reading.

Bad News....The premium went up from $7,357 to $10,241.   Yes, I have a large home on a golf course in Cape Coral, Florida.

Good news.....Multiple Discounts on the premium due to the wind inspection report are just over $7000.
                      Also got a New Dwelling discount (why not last year????) and a Senior Citizen Discount (thank you).
                      Then they added back a whole laundry list of miscellaneous charges ......(this is good news????)

Bottom Line....New Premium is $2,824.

If your Florida Homeowners Premium did not go down this year, you need to ask your agent a lot of questions !!!

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