Doing the Basics

Managing Real Estate Broker with Beringer Realty

Almost every agent I meet is not consistently doing the most basic parts of their job.  Anytime you are in business for yourself, generating leads is the most basic part of your job.  Wtihout leads, there is no business.  Restaurants close because they don't have people eat their food.  Painting companies go out of business because they don't have enough people hire them to paint their houses.  Carpet cleaning trucks get sold because the owner thought that if he (or she) drove around town in a carpet cleaning truck, they would get business.  No lead generation results in no business.

Real Estate Agents get out of the business, or get a part time job to pay bills, because they don't have enough transactions.  They don't have transactions because they don't have listings or buyers.  They don't have listings or buyers because they don't approach lead generation as the necessary, most basic part of their job. 

It isn't difficult, but it does require information and motivation.  That's often the most important role of a coach--giving information and providing motivation.   And that will rustle up clients who will list their houses and buy houses that will be transactions that will result in a paycheck!  Basically, the paycheck is the goal.  Lead generation makes a paycheck happen.

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Jeri & Henri Gutner
Realty One Group Legacy - Doylestown, PA

I am going backwards. I read and commented on the last one first, and going down  the line. When you get a chance take a look at my stuff. Keep it up, slowly you will raise to the top.

Sep 04, 2008 01:58 AM