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Just Build It!

You are the kind of person who knows what they want. You can see the image perfectly in your mind’s eye. The room sizes, floor plan, lighting, even the landscaping.

Your real estate expert is a good listener. She has tuned into your vision. The list of homes she introduces you to are close. But…. You are not crazy about committing to close.

What about building in Garden Valley? Why not!?!

Let me introduce you to a new program that is designed to help you create your personal vision. Welcome to the “Build a Lot” program. There is a lot (no pun intended) of land inventory available in Garden Valley. Lot amenities and pricing covers a broad range of options. However, lot lenders are not as buyer friendly as they have been in the past. As with most loans, requirements have gotten tighter, downpayments are higher and interest rates are up.
With building material costs increasing and gas prices high, how can building in Garden Valley be affordable.

I’ll tell you how!

We have been working, for the past year to find solutions to these obstacles. We now have a builder we can recommend who can offer aggressive pricing for a quality built home. The construction meets the specifications for the Garden Valley environment, including insulation levels, 2X6 construction and, snow load considerations. CW Construction has been in business in Treasure Valley for over 20 years. They have a crew of subcontractors who consistently partner with them. They are geared up to be efficient, consistent, experienced builders. CW is offering us some aggressive pricing in this market. Depending on the floor plan you choose and your lot selection, you can build a home or cabin, in Garden Valley, for $200,000.

Starting today, I will be posting construction photos of the homes being built, in Garden Valley, by CW Construction. You can observe the construction as it progresses. Watch as this Garden Valley vision comes together.

Construction pics in Garden Valley Idaho

garden valley idaho construction

Garden Valley idaho construction pics

Keep an eye on this blog to learn more about available financing solutions.

To find out more about the program today, click here to contact me directly.
Let me help make your vision a reality!

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