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Importance to getting a good agent

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As you know when purchasing a new home it is very important to get a good agent especially if you are a first time home buyer.  When I bought my first home with my ex-fiancé we got a horrible agent.  Thankfully we got a really good loan officer. 


We started off by getting preapproved then looking in the real estate magazines.  We called on several homes but they seemed to be all sold by the time we saw them in the book.  We left several messages but only one agent called us back so that is who we ended up going with. 

He was somewhat helpful in finding homes for us and we went out to look at a few homes with him.  We found the one we were looking for and against my better judgment we made a full price offer as that's what he recommended and that's what my ex was talked in to.  So we go through the process and made the offer and then ordered the inspection.  I went out with the inspector to check the house out.  There wasn't anything major wrong with it but there were a few smaller things that came up.  The sellers agreed to some of it but didn't want to service the furnace and didn't want to replace the rusted bathroom sinks.   Our agent told us he didn't think those were big deals and that he wouldn't worry about it trying to get the deal to just go through as easily as possible with the least of work possible for him.  I didn't want to purchase the house, then need to make the repairs so I wanted them fixed. 

I spoke with my lender and she was AWSOME!!  She explained to me a little better how things work and told us that we were like the golden buyers to them as we were already preapproved for the loan on the house.  The house had only been on the market for a couple days and we had offered a full price offer on the house.  She told me I needed to call my agent and tell him what I wanted done, to get it done and to call me when it's done.  WOW what a difference!  As soon as I put my foot down and did that the agent went from thinking this was going to be a easily pushed through deal due to us being first time buyers not knowing much to asking us what we wanted and actually trying to work with us.  Turns out the sellers agent ended up paying for the sinks and the sellers finally agreed to service the furnace. 

What a learning experience that whole ordeal was.  It sure would have been better to learn that from a good agent rather than a good LO.