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Today was a slow day for me.  I made 5 calls to prospects only to get the same ole song. " I let you list my home if you cut your commission.  Get real folks, I'm thinking to myself.  You wouldn't ask the car salesman to cut his commission nor did you get a break on the latest I-phone.  Oh and when you filled your gas tank, did you ask for a 20% discount at the pump?  So why do folks believe that real estate is any different?  We offer a Service too! 

Thanks for commenting on this subject.  I know sometimes I can get carried away with how people treat us!  I know that most of us Realtors do a GREAT JOB and I sometimes get upset cause this can be an rewarding job and not so rewarding at times.


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Albany, NY

You summed that up pretty well. Clients don't realize that in our market now it takes more work and more marketing to accomplish the same goals. We spend more on our listings. Our costs go up. Sometimes they just need a little bit of educating with a gentle hand.

Aug 13, 2008 03:07 PM