Home selling 101 (Part 3)

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These are two essential rooms in the home, special attention should be paid to these.  Look ar your kitchen.

Are your appliances clean?  Inside and out?  Is there finger marks and food stuck to them?

Look at your sink.  Do the faucets leak? Are there drips under the sink? Is it organized under there?

Look at your cabinets and pantry.  Does things fall out when you open them?  Are there items in there that you will never use?  If so, donate unopened ones to food shelters, throw out the open ones. Arrange neatly. Are the handles loose?  Do the doors squeak?  Remember people will be opening them to see ow much storage space there is.Less is more, the less in there, the more space they see.

Keep garbage cans empty and clean.

Place your dirty dishes in the dishwasher or at least stack neatly in the sink if you must leave them.

Does your home have an odor? Are there odors lingering in the air?

Look at your floors and walls.  Clean as needed.

Is there a pile of mail and other clutter on the counters?  Clear them off, you want nothing to distract from the beauty of your kitchen.

Is your kitchen dark?  Open the curtains.  Make sure the windows are clean.



Are the tubs, sinks, and toilets clean?

Is your tile and grout clean?

Are your mirrors speckled with toothpaste?   Does your shower doors have a soap film?

Do you need to replace your shower curtains and rugs?

Do you have prescription drugs in the medicine cabinet?  Remove any narcotic drug that could fall into the wrong hands and put in a more private place.  Arrange fo things do not fall out when the door is opened.

Check for leaks and drips.

Are your linen closets neat and orderly?

Is there plenty of light so the Buyers can see all your hard work?

Mop and wax floors.

 TOMORROW: Living areas and bedrooms

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