Why home inspections and home warranties are a must!!!

Real Estate Agent with Chartwell Realty/Urban KC Living

A lot of buyers - especially first time home buyers - find themselves handing over more money than they ever expected when buying their home. You usually have a down payment, closing costs (which include a variety of fees), moving costs, the cost in switching your utilities, and of course, the option to have a home inspection.

Home inspections are at the buyers expense - as it should be so you can hire who you want and have them work for you. But when hit with so many other expenses at once the idea of shelling out more money at this time can be hard when it's an option. In my eyes and from past experience with clients, having a home inspection is a must - NOT AN OPTION. You are buying this home with the responsibilities that go with it and any faults after close belong to you. Know what you are buying and having the best inspector in town is worth the money. Do not go cheap here - get the best (you can find Kansas City Inspector's listed on our website at

In the current Kansas City real estate market, what I also suggest to negotiate into the sales contract is that the buyers ask the seller's to purchase a one year home warranty. Home warranties are usually under $500 and will give buyers the ease of knowing that some items will be covered under this warranty after close. Realtor's usually get a kickback on selling a home warranty, the amount must be disclosed to you, if any.

Do you have good or bad experiences in purchasing your home? We would like to hear from you! Add a post to this blog. Happy Reading.