What a market turn around!

Home Inspector with Redi-Pro

I know things are still a little hard in places but our new company has made the present economic situation into an opportunity. It had us re-evaluate our marketing, what we offer and the principles we stand for.  

Adding the DVD inspection for our clients is a BIG hit. We wanted to show them the areas of their home they may never see until a problem develops. And it works! As a free value-added service to our regular inspection, they are just amazed at the places within their home that they had no idea about. In almost every case, our DVD of the roof, crawlspaces, etc. has discovered issues early enough that repair was relatively easy and inexpensive.

The response has re-energized us to find additional value-added amenities to our service. We're exploring thermal imaging inspections and strategic alliances with other companies to bring the most value to our clients.

We are alway interested in other ideas!, feel free to tell us.

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