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Holy Mother of Pearl....none of this makes much sense. I have been swimming with the sharks (or maybe it's jellyfish), trying to help out a homeowner or two about to go under. Mind you they have done their best to stay afloat by making house payments on credit cards and worse and as a last resort call me to help with negotiations with their lender. Maybe a modificaton or a forebearance, a recast from a 15 year to a 30, anything to get thru the storm. But "NO" no such thing as common sense or help that might actually help. Here's the logical??? process to go thru for naught. Make calls to the loss mitigation dept. (2 or 3 times weekly to get thru the gatekeeper) Who finally refers you to the "work out team" so I outline the scenerio. Ask for advice or direction. "I'm sorry we can't talk to you until you are 2 months behind in payments." Ask for clarification, "Let me understand this, if they will default on their payments for 2 months then you can talk with me?" (do you understand the non-logic in what you just told me?) "Yes, that is the policy" Every 2 or 3 days try again, re-introduce my self, wait while they look up the authorization to talk with a 3rd party. Sometimes they will find the note stating they have the required document, sometimes I must send again and wait the required 10 days for any new info to be uploaded to the file. Go thru the same process for several weeks, resend lost authorization letter, introduce myself to the newest member of the "work out team". Finally... "We can help" and I get passed on to the newly formed "Hope Team" (I make the mistake of actually feeling hopeful). Once again outline the scenerio. Ask for advice or direction. "I'm sorry we can't talk with you until you are at least 3 months behind in payments." Are you kidding me?? It's hopeless.

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LLoyd Nichols
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Betty, some of these lenders are just "out there". Luckely we ahave more an more which are ready to negotiate. I feel your pain on this one. Been there.I suppose they can always to multiple offers on different properties if they are shorts sales. The thing is to find the right lender and the right real estate who has a relation with the lender's negotiator. It can be frustrating.

Aug 14, 2008 05:01 PM