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I have a theory that says: As soon as the Presidential election is over and done with, [regardless of who wins] our overall economic and housing market will "magically" return and be great all of a sudden...The last time this theory worked in practice was 2000.

The "doom and gloom" crowd (politicos) love to paint an ugly picture just in case their candidate wins...then he can look like a hero for bringing us hope...if he doesn't win, they don't have to modify their thinking at all and are prepared to say "see I told you so,...you should have elected my guy".

So many economic indicators are truly positive that a hero will definitely be born on innauguration day...and then we can all get back to business! Our underlying economy is incredibly strong despite what you may have heard. The only thing stalling a recovery is consumer confidence. Again, as soon as the election is over, consumer confidence (fueled by the media, as is the doom and gloom) will rebound and somehow our new president will get all the credit.

So many threads are devoted to topics like: "Have we hit the bottom?" or "Leading economists say our recovery will start [insert your date]"  An interesting note is that everyone believes the economy can come back.  Most believe that it will come back.  We all seem to want it back.  I wish we could all, collectively, turn ourselves over to the power of positive thinking.  Then, we wouldn't need a "temp" to boost our spirits every eight years.  Then, consumer confidence would be the leading indicator...not the one that lags behind and we, like lemmings, all wait for!

What do you think?

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Brad Hanks

I couldn't agree more! The only thing missing from a strong economic recovery right now is consumer confidence. Considering there is none, I think we're several months off from seeing strong activity on the buying front.  If the media would just take a breather from pounding on _____________ (insert crisis industry du joir here), we could all get back to business. Instead, they play the uncertainty card of presidential politics to back up the stories of doom and gloom. Then, we lemmings, hearing those tales of woe and distress, run full bore toward the cliff, ready to jump into the abyss.

Brad Hanks, ABR, CRB, CRS, GRI, e-Pro

RE/MAX Alliance, Lone Tree, CO

Aug 16, 2008 01:37 PM
Mel Aclaro
RealtyU - Anaheim Hills, CA

Hi Shannon.  I dropped by from your response to my question on LI.  Thanks for your thoughts; I agree especially about consumer confidence being a key driver.  Thanks for taking time to send me this link.

Best regards
on ActiveRain

Aug 18, 2008 06:36 AM