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I don’t blog on active rain very often because I’m not very knowledgeable about real estate like many of you are.  I’m just a real estate “sidekick” (explained in my profile). But I do read active rain all the time and enjoy the great information, accomplishments and success stories that are posted.  Well this blog isn’t about real estate, but it is about accomplishment.

My daughter Jessica will be starting college in about a week, and she is a little apprehensive about this new change and phase of her life and getting back into the “study mode” of school.  I became licensed as a real estate agent in January of 2007 to help my fiancé with his (our) business.  I also have another part-time job.  I hadn’t been back to school of any kind for many years, and going to classes and studying for my real estate  license was a challenge.  I was studying constantly (I don’t remember like I used too), and Jessica watched me do this for months.  Her constant statement was “you’re studying again?”  I didn’t want to fail or have to take any of these classes or tests over, and on several occasions we would both be studying – I’d have my note cards and so would she.   On November 11, 2006, I passed my general and state exams!!  I remember calling Jessica and she cheered and it was a fun day celebrating. 

Jessica had many milestones in her life this year – she turned 18, received Female Athlete of the Year, Volleyball Most Valuable Player, Girls Basketball Most Inspirational, Track Most Valuable Player, (okay I’m proud), graduated from high school, went to Italy for 9 days, has a new boyfriend (not from Italy), registered for college, found a new place to live, and working full-time right now before school starts.

It has been such a joy watching her develop as a young lady and a good athlete.  I admire her dedication, hard work, and perseverance, not only in sports but it the importance she placed on academics.

Being a mom has been a blessing although it isn’t very easy.  You want to try and teach your children to make good choices, have good manners, how to communicate, to have integrity and values, educate them about alcohol, sex, and drugs, and you want them to have a sound belief in a loving, caring God. When I became a mother, I wondered how to implant these lessons and values into my kid’s mind and heart.   I know these qualities are instilled in Jessica’s head and heart and that she has very firm values, and I am so thankful for that.

Jessica has told me that I raised and influenced her to be who she is today, but she has also influenced me to be who I am today. Of all the people I have met and known in my life, I admire and respect her the most and I am so thankful and proud that she is my daughter.

So anyway……Jessica will be moving out to start college, get back into her study mode, and the start of a new beginning for her.  It will be exciting and a challenge and I have no doubt she is going to do great!

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Jason Romrell
Business Attorney and Success Advisor - Los Angeles, CA

Congratulations to you and Jessica!!!!  I have 2 daughters (one is Jessica) and I LOVE to see them succeed.  You sound like a great mom...and you're an Idahoan to boot!  :)  Yeah!!!

Aug 15, 2008 05:30 AM
Susan Johnson

Thanks Jason!!

Aug 15, 2008 07:20 AM