Friday - remodel day

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So here it is, another Friday in what seems to be weeks moving along faster and faster the older I get.  When I was living in Miami Beach acting as the broker for Keller Williams Miami Beach, one associate there gave me a piece of advice on how to handle my recent move to Paradise.  She said, "be very careful here of how you manage your time because without having four seasons and with every day being beautiful, you can lose track of time and one year can turn in 20 before you realize what happened."  Looking back now, I really appreciate Nancy's advice, because it not only applies to someone living in sunny South Florida, but I think to anyone who has been in the industry for a while.  I realize now, in my 13th year in real estate, that the days, months, and even years seem to go by faster and faster.  I must constantly remind myself to stay accountable to doing the activites necessary to drive my business and not to get side lined by taking a week or two off from doing my lead generating, or my listing follow up, etc. etc.  It is easy when the summer sun shines to say, oh, I'll lead generate tomorrow because I really want to play hookey today.  It is easy when the snow hits the ground to rationalize "none of my buyers would want to go looking today, anyway."  The older I get, the more important it is to stay in an accountability relationship with my mentor/coach.  If I didn't have him pulling me back with my 30 minutes of focus during our "remodeling" day, I shudder to think how far I might wander if left to my own device.  It's not that I don't know what to do to succeed, it's not that I need a coach to tell me what to do, it is more that I need them there to help me stay aware of my activities and that I always need to be focusing on the numbers and conversion rates.  How many people in my sphere did I call this week, how many Expireds did I contact, how many new people did I meet and put into my database action plans, etc?

Today is Friday, and it is remodeling day.  What did I do this week, how did it work, what do I need to focus on next?  What systems do I need to work on improving next week, what numbers do I need to hit next week to stay on track with my monthly goals, how can I leverage myself and get better results?


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