Home selling 101 (Part 4)

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The first room when they enter your home is the living areas.  This will be the first impression they get of your home.

As with the other rooms, windows should be clean and drapes opened to let in the sunlight.  Did you know that your drapes and carpets can trap odors?  Drapes and carpets should be cleaned if needed. Floors should also be free of toys and other things that someone could trip over.

Look at your walls.  Are there holes and marks?  If so, paint or clean as needed.

Arrange furniture so the room is easy to navigate.  Remove any furniture and other belongings which you do not plan to move. Now would be a good time to have a yard sale or to donate them to charity.  The more you do now, the less you will have to do later.

Does your home say " This is MY house?" Remove personal photos and breakables.  Are there things out that could easily be placed in someones pockets or broke?  Remember there might be children with the people looking at your house.  This will allow them to imagine it being their home.

Newspapers and magazines should be put up not left on the floor.

Clean out your closets. Pack your seasonal clothing. Less to pack later, more space in your closets.

Clean off your dressers.  Put away things that might distract them from looking at your home. 

Make your beds.  Remember to clear the floors-- no clothing, toys, shoes, or magazines which someone might trip on.  Drapes open!  Walls cleaned!


These tips will not necessarily add value to your home but will make your home more salable!  Then you might get the fold medal in the race to attract that potential buyer!



Clear out the junk!  Make sure they can see their car in there!  Discard or dispose of any chemicals and other things you are not going to move!  If you must put those boxes you packed in here, do it neatly on one wall ( a storage unit is better!).  Clean the floors, check the walls!



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