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Hope this message is not viewed as SPAM but I am writing to ask a favor of this group

I have a family member in Tampa Palms that is trying to sell a home to avoid foreclosure.   The home is very nice http://www.5121stonehurst.com/  and they need to sell it QUICKLY.   They have dropped the price to $395,000 but can't pay a commission at that price. 

They have a special needs child and the house isn't working out for them so they have had to move. 

I know there is no money in this deal for you but if you know of a potential buyer that might want this area and you could merely point them to the web site it would be greatly appreciated.

If this is offensive or spammy I apologize I am just trying to help out a family member that is having some hardship.


AJ Martin








Leah Ross
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AJ, I am in this market and will keep it in mind.  May I suggest you try to post it on Craigs List?
Mar 27, 2007 07:05 AM