Property nut - craigs list issues

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For anyone using property nut a couple of questions.... In the last week

* 2 of my property nut postings I click on in Google say the add has been deleted by the author. These were two seperate adds and both in Craig's List. I sure did not delete them but they are not there.

What concerns me is that I am using good SEO titles and getting zero from them if the user clicks through to a error page.

* 2 of my adds have the right title in Google but don't show up when i click through to Kijiji classified adds. I am pretty new to property nut and it came highly recommended by a twitter-er. So far, for $39.00 I'm not finding my adds in Google that i placed with property nut.

* My main concern from the beginning, and maybe it is just lack of understanding on my part, is that the whole idea of continuous posting seemed spammy to me Anyone with Property Nut experience - would love to hear from you.

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