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Are you waiting for the market to improve before purchasing a home?  If so you will miss a great opportunity to buy low and sell high. If you are a homebuyer or investor there has never been a better time to purchase a home.  Rates are still low, the market has an abundance of foreclosures and Sellers wanting to unload their current homes. 

Sellers and banks are wanting to get from under the current home which is allowing opportunity to purchase property at a lower price. Though lenders have tighten there belts with loan approvals rates are still at an all time low.

Is your market at the  bottom?  No one knows until the market starts to rise again. Every market is different and since no two are alike it is a wait and see game.  So if you want to benefit from the housing market now is the time to purchase, hold, and sell later.

 The current mortgage crisis will now benefit you! The House has passed a bill that will likely become law within the week.  The bill will help in correcting the housing/ mrtgage fallout.

If you fall into one of the following catergories this help you with first home buyer?  
Are a  first time home buyer?
Have purchased or will purchase a home between April 9, 2008 and July 1, 2009
Have individual income of less than $75,000 or as a couple earn less than $150,000
If you meet those 3 standards you are eligible for a $7,500 tax credit.

Now, you will be expected to pay that back over the course of the next 15 years interest free.  So it's not free money. 

So if you are a first time home buyer and looking to purchase a home I am ready to assist you.  Regardless of where you are looking I can assist you.  With a FHA loan, 3% of the purchase price and good credit this makes it easier and more economically feasible to be a first time home buyer than ever before!
Down Payment Assistance for 100% Loan Programs are going away very soon. If you need Down Payment Assistance to make your purchase, you need to get started NOW.
"According to information we have recently received buyers must identify a property by September 1, 2008 to be able to participate in Down Payment Assistance. The loan will have to be underwritten by October 1, 2008 and closed no later than October 31, 2008."
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Don't get left behind! Purchase Now!

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Great article Dawn!  I think a lot of people agree with what you are saying as the number of sales are way up in the county I work in!  Good luck!

Aug 15, 2008 01:51 PM