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The Fort Hood /Killeen Texas area has long been a stable real estate market. When the rest of the nation is experiencing major drops in property prices, we are still rising. Due to the "free money" lending of a few years ago, there are some properties in this area purchased by out of state "speculators" that are currently in trouble. These properties are being bought up by "investors" now. Who what-a-thunk-it.

 Out of state banks and loan servicing companies are happy to get out from under these properties to recoup their losses. Justified by their failures of overlending to unqualified buyers, either taxpayers will pay for their mistakes or qualified buyers are going to take over these properties.

The FED can crank out money all day long to save failing banks. The Government can save Wall Street all day long.

At who's COST?

Don't you think it's time you invest your own money in real estate, instead of letting someone else?
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