On a lazy rainy day in Broomfield

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It is just kind of one of those days where you want to lounge around the house. One of my favorite things to do while lounging about is watch movies online. Here are some great sources to do just that:

iTunes: I love to download movies to my iPod. I know, the screen is so tiny but I still love it because I can take it anywhere and watch them. If you rent a movie it expires in 24 hours but if you buy it you can keep it and watch it forever on your computer or your iPod.

Blockbuster: This is a new feature from Blockbuster that allows you to download movies right to your computer. Warning though, most of these online features don't work very well (if at all) on Firefox so you'll have to suck it up and use IE for the movie.

Movielink: Yet another place to buy and rent movies online.

Netflix: Joining Netflix also allows you to download movies. They have different rules depending on which subscription you buy so read the details carefully.

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