As the US Economy tanks… Recover in Florida

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As the US Economy tanks... Recover in Florida

Jim (Property Wizard) Beggins, Chairman

August 2008

I've not seen better deals in Fl. RE in 40 years. The deals will get even better however most of you will miss them. "Since no one can predict the top or the bottom the market, forget about buying or selling there." If you are selling a cheaper Florida house than you're buying, you'll be in good shape because you'll take a small hit when you sell but get a huge bargain when you buy...if you plan ahead.

If you're buying to speculate...wait at least 1 year. There are thousands of barrier island properties that MUST be sold before property appreciation comes back. If you're moving to Fl. for good then it's a great time to start learning about your future home. Our Strategic Pricing Analysis gives you the knowledge to make a decision you can trust when buying or selling. It's free and it works.

My company offers formal training to our 200 plus agents every day. We have the best negotiators in the industry. Our 6 offices strategically placed throughout the Tampa Bay area make customer visits simple and productive. We can keep you up to the minute on property deals through instant email messaging.

Complete our email Lifestyle Profile of 37 questions to zero in on your wants and needs and we'll email property details to you automatically the moment they become available. We can even bind a contract for you subject to your visual OK at a later date. We have a money back service guarantee.

Our monthly Property Wizard newsletter, like the one you're reading now can be emailed to you at no charge or obligation.

Let's face it. During the real estate buying frenzy of 2004 -05 real estate agents were not of much use to customers. Now, if you want to buy or sell you'd be foolish to search and negotiate on your own behalf. Besides, we really need your business.

At CENTURY 21 Beggins we know that our only value to you is our ability to gather and transmit valuable knowledge to you. While real estate offices nationwide are running for the hills, we are increasing our market share constantly. We're helping people stay in their homes or helping them get out of them gracefully without deficiency judgments when possible. We stick with customers for as long as it takes for them to feel knowledgeable enough to make offers or to trust us with the job of selling their property profitably.


Contact the agent who gave you this newsletter at If you have a specific question, you've never heard a real estate broker "tell it like it is" like the Property Wizard. Email, or call me  727 254 8144  cell. These are exciting real estate times for all of us. Let's talk.

Jim (Property Wizard) Beggins

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