A pet peeve of mine

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Wouldn't you think that when you call another real estate office to show one of their listings that they would tell you that there has been an ACCEPTED offer on the property? Now come on...that certainly would save everybody allot of time and frustration. I just had a couple with me that it happened twice in a row. REALLY, twice, now that makes me look like I'm not doing my job. Do I have to ask every time I want to schedule a showing whether the house already has  an ACCEPTED offer to purchase?  Am I asking to much here? What's the point in getting other buyers hopes up that the house that you are showing them is really available to purchase. If there is an ACCEPTED offer on a listing just tell me, doesn't mean I won't show it, in case the listing office is taking back up offers, but I certainly would let the buyers know a head of time. The buying process is stressful enough for young couples, let's do all we can to keep it at a minimal. BTW, we did find them the house of their dreams, BUT it took making offers on 4 different houses. ughh!

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