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There's a famous scene in "Glengarry, Glen Ross" where Alec Baldwin berates the salesmen of a boiler room operation selling worthless vacation lots. One of the many great lines that sticks out in my head is "Go and do likewise!"

I've written numerous posts about how to write a great real estate blog. The advice in those posts was based on a survey of great real estate blogs I found on the internet.  I've decided to recognize the best consumer oriented real estate blogs individually in the hopes that agents reading this blog will pay those blogs a visit, make the connection between what I'm recommending and what those bloggers are doing, and "go and do likewise" on their own real estate blogs.

Thanks for reading!

Frank Jewett


Real Estate Blogging Hall of Fame

Teresa Boardman - Saint Paul Real Estate Blog

Jennifer Fivelsdal - Rhinebeck Living

Jim Klinge -

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Omega Omega
Omega - Glendale, CA

Hi Frank - What in the he@#@$@ is happening.  Are you and I the only ones who know about the infamous Glen Gary Glen Ross??????????  We better pull the other AR's in a meeting cause I'm surprised no one has commented.  Anyway, hope all is well -


Apr 01, 2009 04:50 PM