How Miami Flat Fee MLS Service ADDvantage Booked 2,789 Realtor Showings

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The most popular question asked by all Miami flat fee MLS sellers is "will my phone number be in the MLS and"

The simple answer is yes to the MLS and no to (no seller information is allowed by rules of But, the reason why this question is asked more than any other is because flat fee MLS sellers want to make sure they get all the calls.

Then how did ADDvantage take 2789 calls over the past 12 months from Buyers and Realtors? The answer is Realtors do not read the "Realtor Remarks" section of the MLS that says in black and white "call seller Dan Marino at 305-777-2055 for all showings." While this statement is in all flat fee listed properties that we place through Southeast Florida Regional MLS, the Realtors keep calling ADDvantage for help. What do they not get about "call seller directly?" 

The answer is Realtors are creatures of habit, call it quantum physics ...they simply don't pay attention to details such as showing instructions. Truth is flat fee is rather new and not all Realtors even understand flat fee. They simply overlook these remarks! 

Hence the reason why I wrote this blog...before you list your South Beach condo or your Coral Gables waterfront property, choose a flat fee MLS service that answers their phone well. Because if they don't, you will lose opportunities left and right to sell your home. 

ADDvantage is Miami's only flat fee MLS service that answers their phone 12 hours a day 7 days a week. Over 1000 of these 2,789 calls came to ADDvantage before 9:00am or after 5:00pm. No flat fee service answers before 9:00am except ADDvantage and few after 5:00pm. We charge more than most flat rate MLS services in Florida and we are better...better phone support, better service, better listing software, better yard sign, better Internet marketing and a more professional website...and many happy South Florida flat fee MLS sellers. 

ADDvantage is working 8:00am to 8:00pm 7 days a week, catching calls live from buyers and Realtors looking to show or see your Miami home. 

Realtors often call us on Saturday and Sunday when they are in the neighborhood with their client buyer. They have made no appointment with us or the seller...just "Hello, we are in front of 1145 San Pedro Avenue and want to know if we can see it." This happens all week long. If your flat fee MLS service isn't on the ball to assist these Realtors when they call hoping to find a voice on the other end of the phone on a Saturday afternoon, then someone misses a showing and possibly a sale...they'll always find ADDvantage, guaranteed.

 Call us anytime, we are here 1-877-232-9695


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