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MOLD Screening & Testing:    We also offer a complimentary Organic Microbial (Mold) screening when performing a Comprehensive Visual Home Inspection a $150.00 value no cost to you. HOME INSPECTOR USA will inspect your prospective property to the highest professional and ethical standards in the industry and provide you with an accurate, comprehensive, easey-to-read, written assessment report thereafter. We will walk through the property together and we will advise you on how to maintain your investment. We will be available to answer your questions before, during, and after the home inspection process is completed.   As required by IICRC S520 (Institude of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) standards set for "Professional Mold Remediation", we are an independent mold inspection company. HOME INSPECTOR USA does not do mold remediation. This allow us to answer your questions regarding mold testing and the mold remediation process without prejudice. We do, however, refer our clients to reputable remediation companies when this type of work is necessary. We evaluate indoor environments and provide unbiased and detail recommendations.   Our Mold & Allergens Inspector's are certified, educated & trained by IAC2, ESA, EMSL, & Pro-Lab. Our MOLD & Allergens Technicians carefully visual inspect the property to   identify potential toxic BLACK MOLD concerns. We use the latest technology & equipment and national certified and accredited laboratories in the USA (AIHA EMLAP, ISO 17025 compliant).   Our focus is on inspectirng indoor environments for mold contamination. We are frequently hired and/or referred by commercial property managers, private homeowners, real estate agents, insurance companies, allergists, attorneys, and mold remediation professionals, to name a few. For our clients we offer a thorough mold indpection including mold testing (collection of surface, cavity, and indoor air sampling), moisture and humidity readings, consulting services as well as a complete and detailed written report including including all relevant recomendations.   At HOME INSPECTOR USA your interests are our interests before, during and after the Comprehensive Home or mold Inspection.  Our education, experience and expertise in the Home, Mold testing & Allergens Inspection business, Engineering and Residential Construction set us apart from the average Home Inspector in our area.
Why is mold growing in my home?

Molds are part of the natural environment. Outdoors, molds play a part in nature by breaking down dead organic matter such as fallen leaves and dead trees, but indoors, mold growth should be avoided. Molds reproduce by means of tiny spores; the spores are invisible to the naked eye and float through outdoor and indoor air. Mold may begin growing indoors when mold spores land on surfaces that are wet. There are many types of mold, and none of them will grow without water or moisture.   Stachybotrys is a greenish black mold that grows on material with a high cellulose content or such as hay, straw, wicker, and wood chips, as well as building materials such as ceiling tile, drywall, paper vapor barriers, wallpaper, insulation backing, cardboard boxes, paper files, fiberboard, the paper covering of gypsum wallboard, particleboard, jute, dust, and wood when these items become water damaged. This mold requires very wet or high humid conditions for days or weeks in order to grow. In many cases, you won't even see it, as it grows between the walls and in hidden places - This is one of the biggest problems. . .   If you got mold???? get the latest on mold news and litigation, click here

Can mold cause health problems?

Molds are usually not a problem indoors, unless mold spores land on a wet or damp spot and begin growing. Molds have the potential to cause health problems. Molds produce allergens, irritants, and in some cases, potentially toxic substances.

Allergic reactions to mold are common and include hay fever-type symptoms, such as sneezing, runny nose, red eyes, and skin rash. Molds can also cause asthma attacks in people with asthma who are allergic to mold. The most common health problems caused by indoor mold are allergy symptoms. Although other and more serious problems can occur, people exposed to mold commonly report problems such as:
  • Nasal and sinus congestion
  • Cough Wheeze/breathing difficulties
  • Sore throat
  • Skin and eye irritation
  • Upper respiratory infections (including sinus)
Are the risks greater for some people? There is wide variability in how different people are affected by indoor mold. However, the long term presence of indoor mold growth may eventually become unhealthy for anyone. The following types of people may be affected more severely and sooner than others:
  • Infants and children
  • Elderly people
  • Individuals with respiratory conditions or sensitivities such as allergies and asthma
  • Persons having weakened immune systems (for example, people with HIV infection, chemotherapy patients, organ transplant recipients)
In some individuals, exposure to indoor mold can also can lead to asthma or to a lung disease resembling severe inflammatory asthma called allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis. This latter condition, which occurs only in a minority of people with asthma, is characterized by wheezing, low-grade fever, and coughing up of brown-flecked masses or mucus plugs. Skin testing, blood tests, X-rays, and examination of the sputum for fungi can help establish the diagnosis. Corticosteroid drugs are usually effective in treating this reaction; immunotherapy (allergy shots) is not helpful.  

  Fungi or microorganisms related to mold  / fungi may cause other health problems similar to allergic diseases. Some kinds of Aspergillus may cause several different illnesses, including both infections and allergy. These fungi may lodge in the airways or a distant part of the lung and grow until they form a compact sphere known as a "fungus ball." In people with lung damage or serious underlying illnesses, Aspergillus may grasp the opportunity to invade the lungs or the whole body.   Those with special health concerns should consult a medical professional if they feel their health is affected by indoor mold.  

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