What percentage of LV RE brokers are college educated?

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I spend a few minutes each day answering real estate related questions online by email or on websites set up for the public to ask questions and receive responses.  I've noticed similar questions tend to come up and sometimes I know I've answered it before, but can't recall where. There have also been times where I put a good deal of effort into preparing an answer and later found the question had been deleted.  Well, I thought, why not post my answers to my own blog? 

btw, Spelling and grammar in the questions have been left "as asked".

The Question:

What percentage of LV RE brokers are college educated?

Full 4 year degree. 

Business/RE related, not communications, education, etc. 

Coming from NYC I am finding it very difficult to deal with agents who think ST micro and have no LT macro outlook.

My Answer:
I don't know the percentage or think those statistics would be available anywhere, but I also don't think knowing the percentage of college educated brokers or agents would help solve your problem of finding an agent compatible with your needs. I completely agree with John's advice about interviewing until you find the right person. 

I think I get what you're saying about having a long term outlook and how many agents might compare numbers from 2 years ago and say, "look at the price now...it's a GREAT deal!". Of course I'm just guessing at what your experience has been and I am curious about your specific experiences with local agents. 

I'm also curious about what it is you expect from an agent. I'm not sure it would be wise to look to your Realtor for advice outside the scope of their specialty which really should be narrowly focused on their own market and it's current condition to be able to find the best property and negotiate the best price for their clients needs. If you want to buy property and want ideas about what may bring a better immediate return or a better long term plan, like taking advantage of the buyers market to find property with features that will be in demand and harder to find when the market becomes a sellers market, then talk to a Realtor. If you're looking for advice, like should I buy now or in 5 years, talk to an economist or financial planner. 

So while you're interviewing agents, you may want to look for agents that will provide the information you need to enable you to draw your own conclusions...statistics, property and market analysis or whatever information would help you in your decision to purchase, and stay away from agents who want to make decisions for you. 

(I posted the following blogs after researching some stats for investor clients of mine) 



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