Danville, California Homes at Magee Ranch

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Danville, California Homes at Magee Ranch, if one of the Most Desirable Areas in Danville, California. Home Prices range from: $1,524,950.00 to $ 2,895,000.00. There are Custom and Semi Custom Homes in Magee Ranch. The Oldest Home is Approx. 15 Years, down to Approx. 2 Years. Magee Ranch is located right next to Blackhawk, where you have a bigger range of home prices. There are Approx. 240 Homes in Magee Ranch.

Currently in Magee Ranch we have 8 Active Homes on the market. There are 3 homes on Sunhaven Road, ranging $ 1,549,000.00 to $ 1,599,000.00. There is 1 on Leafield Road, priced at $ 1,749,800.00. There is 1 on Sunglen Road price at $ 1,699,000.00. There is 1 on Hunters Terrace priced at $ 2,395,000.00. And the last one on Brightwood Drive price at $ 2,895,000.00.

There is 1 home Pending on Shadewell Drive, that was listed for $ 1,549,000.00.

There are 3 Homes Sold in Magee Ranch. There was 1 on Leafield Road that was listed for $ 1,524,950.00, and Sold for $ 1,480,000.00. There was 1 on Shadewell Drive that was listed for $1,599,000.00 and Sold for $ 1,580,000.00. The last 1 on Hunters Terrace was listed for $ 1,988,000.00 and Sold for $ 1,840,000.00.

The prices in Magee Ranch Danville California, have held their Prices Very Well, considering all the foreclosures going on around Contra Costa County. That is because of the desirability of the Area, and the School District is one of the best in the State. If your looking for a Very Nice Neighborhood to live, Magee Ranch is one of the Top Sub- Divisions around.

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