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Electrical codes not conforming

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Friday, an inspection was done on a 7000 square feet home that is in the process of being built. When the inspection was done I stated to the foreman that one of the two electrical panels is not conforming to the International Residential Codes (IRC), and although the house was being constructed in the county and does not have to conform to the city's codes, it still has to conform to IRC. Fortunately, the electrician who was installing the panels and wiring was in accordance to the codes. As an inspector, the code book was brought out of my truck and was shown to both the foreman and the electrician. It may have pushed the closing date a few days ahead but the safety of the future homeowners is more important than time constraints.

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Thomas M. Pino
Sweetwater Home Inspection - Sugar Land, TX

Quality and code conforming is much more important than time. Time is what we have. I would rather be safe than sorry. Safety is so much more important than time.

Jun 11, 2010 06:08 AM