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St Augustine Beach condos are actually selling during summer 2008

Real Estate Agent with Crescent Beach Realty of St. Augustine Fl

Ronnie Tumlin sez:  St Augustine beach condos on Anastasia Island have actually been selling this summer!  Okay, not like bazookas at a Baghdad flea market, but selling reasonably well in this screwey market.  Our teeney weeney office actually sold five ocean front condos this summer out of the seventeen total that sold this year so far.  We have two more pending as of 8/18/08.  We also sold a handfull of ocean view and canal front condos.

So what's going on?  I think it's a combination of things.  The buyers are telling us they are tired of the stock market going back and forth and ending up nowhere.  They are nervous about their cash sitting in brokerage houses and banks run by people they don't know.  They say they think the market has bottomed out and if they were ever going to own an ocean front condo now is the time to take advantage of bargain prices.  That's it, that's all it takes to get us started.  I cannot argue with any of them, I am nervous about what little cash I have left in the bank, I know the stock market is stagnant and will probably continue to be that way for years (I think the boards and ceo guys take all the cream off the top and leave paltry dividends to the stock holders and it ain't gonna change) and the only ones making any money are the brokers.  Real estate on the beach is still solid, kind of like gold.  If the value goes down, that's okay beause it will return sooner or later and besides, I can always stretch out and listen to the breakers, watch the pelicans dive, not hear a phone and get lost any time I want to.  Can't do that anywhere else but the beach and people are starting to realize the advantages of owning beach property.  Even if the value goes down as an investment, the enjoyment of the property never diminishes.

Is this little spurt of good news on sales going to continue?  Traditionally, business dies dead as a hammer by mid August.  Back to School, Football Season, Hurricane Season, Hunting Season, New Car Season...all this stuff adds up to traditional slow sales now through December.  The startup usually comes in mid January, so if we get a spurt this coming January Ronnie Tumlin will officially declare the funk is over at the beach.  If we are still dead by mid February the ground hog says it will be a lousy 2009 just like 2008.

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