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 With the recent happenings in the mortgage industry and the tighter lending requirements in our industry, the big question is...Now What? 

"If I can't qualify for a mortgage, what do I do?" Well, first of all, it doesn't mean you are a horrible person or that you can never own a home, it just means you need to do a bit of work to get there! 


In our Tampa Bay market, it is cruicial to be able to qualify for the best mortgage rate, because the majority of buyers need the room to purchase the home in their price range.  So, let's work to get you to the point you can qualify for the best mortgage!

The solution I have found is what I call our GET MORTGAGE READY PROGRAM

We've developed a "Get Mortgage-Ready Kit" to make the rebuilding process as simple and quick as possible. This is an effective way for us to assess your individual needs and help us know exactly how to help you. And we've done all the research for you!

Our "Get Mortgage-Ready Kit" will show you:

  • Where to go for homeownership counseling
  • How to understand your credit report
  • How credit agencies work
  • How and where to go to re-establish credit
  • Common mortgage questions and answers
  • Real estate terms and definitions

...And many other helpful tips!

For a free informational brochure, please feel free to email me!


Comments (7)

Jacob Morales - Arizona Mortgage Planner
US Bank - Scottsdale, AZ
Sounds like a good marketing tool. Hope it works out for you.
Mar 27, 2007 06:13 AM
Eddy Martinez
Nationwide Funding Group - Highland Park, CA

Leah if a customer makes a couple of phones and they get minor issues squared away on their credit report their FICO scores improve greatly!!!!!


Mar 27, 2007 06:24 AM
Mary Pope-Handy
Sereno Group Real Estate - Los Gatos, CA
CRS, CIPS, ABR, SRES, Silicon Valley
What a good idea!
Mar 27, 2007 06:25 AM
Leah Ross
Your Tampa Bay Mortgage Source - Tampa, FL
Tampa, Florida Mortgage

Jacob, thanks!  It is a great marketing tool, but more importantly it is a great tool for consumers!

Eddy, not sure what you mean by phone, unless you mean phone calls?  If so, YEP!  BUT, goes how many consumers don't know that.  Then they go to a broker and get a high interest rate mortgage when they could have made three phone calls, gotten rescored and received a MUCH better interest rate!  "I'm thinking of a number between 400 and you know what it is?"  :)

Mary, thank you :) 

Mar 27, 2007 07:18 AM
Jack Haydon
Charles Rutenberg Realty - Clearwater Beach, FL
Clearwater Beach Condos - Real Estate Homes for Sale

Great post Leah!


May 25, 2007 01:05 PM
Katrina Madewell
Charles Rutenberg Rlty- More than 5,000 agents(813) 777-1196 - Tampa, FL
Tampa FL Homes for sale | Tampa Bay - (813) 777-1196
what a fantastic resource!  How did you do with your TO DO's?? Any progress?
May 25, 2007 03:36 PM
Leah Ross
Your Tampa Bay Mortgage Source - Tampa, FL
Tampa, Florida Mortgage
Katrina, working on them as we speak!!
May 28, 2007 05:47 AM