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Jim Klinge understands that credibility is one of his most valuable assets.

It takes chutzpah to name your blog "" when your brokerage is located in Carlsbad, California, the epicenter of North San Diego county's real estate meltdown, but Jim Klinge understands that the best way to sell your real estate services in any kind of market is to be knowledgeable and honest about market conditions.

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Jim doesn't shy away from discussing high inventory, increases in the number of NODs and REOs, or even the dreaded Neg-Am Recasts that threaten to drag out the current lending crisis for years. In Jim's own words, "What you read here is based on what's really happening in the marketplace, not theory or speculation. I have no investment in the bubble, and I'll hopefully be selling homes whether the market is going up or down, so I'm not looking to influence one way or another. My goal is to provide an accurate description of what's happening, and present all the facts to help people make clear decisions about their real estate!"

As you read through Jim's blog, you won't find much local interest content, but that is because Jim targets serious real estate investors. Sophisticated buyers understand that all real estate is local and that good deals can be found in any market. They turn to Jim because he has a lot of credibility, even outside the industry on the dreaded "bubble" blogs.

The leaders of organized real estate seem to think that it is acceptable to oversell market conditions at the expense of credibility. NAR already had to replace David Lereah with Lawrence Yun following a series of embarrassingly wrong books and bogus bottom calls by Lereah. Jim doesn't try to dress up the market by cherry picking facts and figures. Sophisticated buyers respect that, which is why Jim's blog is generating plenty of business, even in a tough market like Carlsbad.

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