Ask the right questions when getting your carpets cleaned

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Make a list of questions that you would like answered & contact with the Carpet Cleaning company. Ask away! Are you licensed, are you insured, how long have you been in business, what training have you received, is your work guaranteed, what equipment will you be using, can I have your last 2-3 most current referrals? What was your first Impression? This is very important.

I get at least 1 story a day from new clients about the last company that was in. They are normally very funny but some are horrific to the client. The problem is that it is always the same old story - "we got what we paid for".

Too good to be true prices are because the company is new & has no clue of their profession yet or they are blatant Bait & Switch operators. Many big franchise company employees make their money by extras that they can sell you and so are motivated when you buy - human nature. Don't buy & the motivation is gone!

Learn what the average price for cleaning carpet is in your area, you can do this via Internet or calling around & getting estimates. Room prices are okay but someone always loses whether it be you or the carpet cleaning company. The industry standard is by the square foot. Don't forget to ask what that established price included!

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