Home Stager with minute maids Cleaning Service

Just because a carpet cleaner tells you they're certified and licensed it doesn't always mean you're about to hire a professional. Although essential certifications these days are easier to get than a packet of cornflakes in the grocery store. Three signs to watch out for are:


1.  They appear to be quite cheap in comparison to a true professional.

2. They will inevitably try to sell you some extra services while in your home...I hope you won't be fooled by these sales people who call themselves certified and licensed carpet cleaners.

3.  They try to talk their way around any guarantee.


The best thing about a certified and licensed Carpet Steam Cleaning Professional is the fact that they have had a minimum of two days to a week in school...Meaning they have learnt about carpet cleaning and types of carpet plus what is good and bad for a carpet etc. Please note this certification does NOT mean the person you hire is going to give you a good quality carpet cleaning job so be sure to ask all six questions listed above and make sure above all they have a Written Guarantee.

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