Not just email scams anymore; New step calling business numbers

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Over the years I've received many many emails where the sender was trying out one scam or the other.  I've never really worried about them, Nigeria, UK, delete, delete has always been my motto.

Recently I've received phone calls.  Now that has me bothered a bit.  I've received one call from a man that wanted to relocate here.  He was from Japan he said, he called me three times, emailed to me the PA, etc.  I checked out the company that he said he worked for, big international company that indeed was opening a new plant here in Louisiana, checked out the country code when he called, it indeed was Tokoyo, even put him in touch with a lender.  But something was strange from the first moment I read his email I had a "feeling", to say the least though he did email the lender he never filled out the proper documents.

Just this week I received 3 phone calles, I saw that it was 13 numbers but went ahead an answered it.  The first time it was a man, claiming to be from Nigeria in need of my help to buy a home in the US, he wanted me to know that he'd sent me an email.  I read the email deleted it, same scam emails and the man called me twice more.  I did not answer the second or third time and he hasn't called again.

I spoke to a lady at the bank and I was suprised to find out that right here in our town there are several people in the same bank that I use that has been scammed, she told me the FBI has had to get involved and it's very sad.  I am very shocked that these people go so far as too spend the time (considering how hard it is to make the call) and money to do this, even more disheartening is that people actually fall for the scam.

According to the lbranch manager I spoke too the scam artist sends funds to the victim in some form.  The deposit most times has a hold from the bank, many times the hold is not long enough because it takes much longer for the funds to be verified when it's Nigeria or the UK.  The victim waites the standard time frame that the bank put the hold, withdraws the money and sends the funds back to the scam artist (minus the 10% or whatevere the agreemetn was) only to find out that the funds are not there, it's a scam.  Now there is big trouble for the victim.  From what I've been told to report the emails and/or phone calls it would take much effort and time on my part.  It's very frustrating to me that they are calling my business line though.  

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Kristin Morrison
How do you think they got your phone number?  From your website maybe?  What is going on in this world!!!!???
Sep 20, 2006 02:51 PM